What Can Teachers, Principals and Administrators Do Now?
  • Commit to embracing arts and arts integration as a long-term (3+ years) strategy to: decrease the achievement gap, increase standardized test scores, and improve school culture and academic improvement simultaneously.
  • Seek out opportunities to bring artists into your classrooms for collaborative, long term teaching partnerships.
  • Develop your own processes to document systematically and reflect on student work with students, staff, and parents. , arts integrated work to Facilitate monthly sharings of student work amongst same-grade teachers. Use student work artifacts to prompt questions about student learning and teaching practice.
  • Create opportunities in your school for continuous teacher professional development sessions that cultivate a meaningful understanding of the impact of arts integration and its applications in your classrooms.
  • Support your teachers in creating innovative assessments that give students the opportunity to discuss and perform their knowledge, not only write it or fill in a bubble.